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PIC Programmer Kit

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Product Information:

  • Configurable 40 pin ZIF socket!
  • Supports multiple PIC controllers!
  • DB9 serial interface for PC?s!
  • Includes PICprog2006 sofware!
  • Electronic kit, assembly required

Item Description

This multifunctional programmer for PIC microcontrollers will let you take advantage of their flexibility, reprogramming up to 1000 times to perform different functions, upgrade device firmware, or just play around! When using this programmer, code can be created in any ASCII word processor (i.e. notepad) or using Microchip’s MPLAB development package (available at www.microchip.com). After writing the code and compiling, your code can be written directly to the microcontroller! The ICSP function allows you to reprogram controllers still in-use/powered by another board by simply connecting the chip to the ICSP bus on the programmer! All the software you need to get started is included, and with a basic knowledge of ASM and this kit the possibilities are endless! To get more hands-on training and experience with PIC controllers, check out the K8048 programmer and experimenters board. It gives you all the programming capabilities plus a extra onboard experimentation capabilities. Note : this product requires a standard RS232 serial connection, and is NOT compatible with USB to RS232 serial adaptors or converters.

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